Levi Shorts

Find The Latest Styles of Levi Shorts for The Summer Season

Levi Shorts

Now that spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, it’s once again time to reconsider a different wardrobe. As the leaves change and the temperatures begin to climb, those jeans you’ve worn all summer begin to take on an awkward look. With sweltering heat all around us, you need to consider fashion that you’ll be comfortable in and Levi shorts may just be the perfect solution.

Most people tend to associate Levi’s with jeans. This is simply not true. For years, Levi’s has been a front runner in creating the latest fashion ideas that keep you looking fresh with each new season. From denim to khaki and several different styles, Levi shorts have something to offer for both men and women that can appeal to your fashion taste and sense of style.

If it’s the old style that you’re still after, you’ll find the best bet for Levi shorts is the classic 511 cut off short. These shorts come down to above your knees. They’re tight to form, yet still offer the comfort you need during the hot summer days. Skinny cutoff Levi shorts are available in a variety of colors from plain denim, to red, gray, black, prison break and harvest gold.

If a looser form of denim is what you’re looking for in your shorts, the 569 loose straight shorts would be the style for you. These shorts still keep the shape and tone of your legs, while giving you more breathability around the crotch and down your thighs. Perfect for a day on the boardwalk, 569’s go down to your mid-knee and have the perfect casual fit for any style.

If you’re looking for more of a relaxed business style of Levi shorts, consider the belted cargo shorts. These khaki style shorts offer a looser fit, but with modern plaid colors that show off both style and comfort to those around you. These go great with lighter colored shirts, and don’t have the thickness that is usually associated with denim Levi shorts.

Levi's has a lot of different types of shorts that can be to your liking.

They Include:

514 Slim Straight Shorts: Which sits below the waist and has 5 pockets.

505 Regular Fit Denim Shorts: Shorts that are great for around the house, store, dock and just about anywhere else. These shorts are the perfect warm-weather alternative to men's jeans. They have a zip fly with button closure,5 pockets and a flat front. It also has a regular fit,with fabric made out of 100% cotton and is machine washable.

501 Worn Cut Off Shorts: These shorts are denim and allows for any rug type of activity while the relaxed fit offers you comfort all the time. It has a zip fly with button closure,and 5 pockets. The shorts also fall knee length and has a relaxed fit with fabric made out of 100% cotton and is machine washable.

569 Loose Straight Denim Shorts: Shorts that are rugged and comfortable. They Sit below the waist with a loose fit through seat and thighs. It has five-pocket styling and straight leg. Made of cotton and is machine washable.

505 Straight Post Shorts: Straight fit sits below the waist side with welt back pockets and is 100% cotton.

511 Skinny Cut-Off Shorts: One of the best skinny fit shorts in twill cut-offs. Sitting below the waist and slouchy at top, these low-rise shorts are cut slim through the leg, and close and comfortable at the thigh it also sports the classic five-pocket styling with a raw-edge hem twill,and is made out of 98% cotton.

520 Taper Shorts: The waist part of these shorts are made to be  worn low and slouchy on the hips, and tapers to a skinny, rolled hem at the knee. It also has clean twill with a  double-needle stitching detail. Slouchy at the top and sits below the waist,these shorts taper to a skinny knee Stretch for added comfort and with the usual five-pocket styling twill. It is also made of 98% Cotton, and 2% Elastane.

And Finally if longer shorts aren’t your thing, you can find 505 straight post shorts to meet your needs. Extending down to the lower thigh, these keep your legs free to breath, with a combination straight and tight fit style that can keep your legs comfortable on the hottest of days. Levi shorts in this style offer a variety of both colors and plaids to match nearly any shirt.